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Family Tech Connect

Bringing seniors, families and friends together through technology

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You Can Be With The Ones You Love

Talking and sharing with those we care about is such an important part of life. Those connections make us happier, healthier and bring us joy.

There once was a time when distance was the biggest obstacle to togetherness.

But now, with personal electronic devices and social media apps, it’s the lack of technical know-how that’s the real problem.

Family Tech Connect is the solution.
Our specialized services are designed specifically for seniors and others with little technological knowledge. We help our clients overcome their tech inexperience and become comfortable engaging with the world in new and exciting ways.

Because nothing should keep you from those you love.

Who is Family Tech Connect ?

We’re a family. Lucas has a degree in Information Technology from Youngstown State University and brother, Neil, is a business student at YSU and a social media expert. The brothers have always had a huge spot in their hearts reserved for their grandparents, who they enjoy spending time with. Unfortunately, their grandparents live in Maine and Florida… we live in Ohio. It was Lucas’s and Neil’s Grandpa Joe who suggested the brothers use their expertise and help seniors learn how to use today’s technology to stay in touch with family far away… and Family Tech Connect was born. Dad, Vince, comes from a TV news, PR and marketing background and helps his sons manage their business operations.

When we talk about the power of connecting with family through technology, we understand it because we live it.


Our Services

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Personal Coaching -
Having problems with your smartphone, tablet, computer, printer or any other device? We can help... and we come to you. With personal tech coaching, we come to your home and check if the problem is with the device itself or if it's user error. Either way, we'll have a plan to get you using your devices with greater comfort and ease. Coaching sessions are scheduled by appointment.

Getting Your Devices -
Our team will take time to talk with you and help you identify the devices that would best serve your personal needs. We purchase them for you, register them for you, set them up and teach you how to use them with simple, easy to follow steps.

These devices include:
• Alexa-enabled devices
• Tablets • Google-enabled devices
• Laptop computers • And others by request

If you need a device but are not interested in owning one, we can help you with short or long-term rentals of tablets and other devices. Call or email us and we would be happy to help you.

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Learning to Use Applications -
Social media and other applications turn your electronic device into a portal for family visits. Applications (or Apps, as they are known) can also connect you with doctors, stores and businesses. Apps help us live more active lives in countless ways, yet many seniors find them confusing… so they don’t get these wonderful benefits. We make using apps simple.

Some of the apps we help you learn include:
• Texting • Zoom and other video conferencing
• Email • Facetime
• Facebook • TeleHealth
• Instagram • And more

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Classes -
Sometimes, it’s more fun learning with friends. Family Tech Connect offers all of its device and app coaching services in group settings. Classes can be created by request with groups of five or more. Check our social media links for updates on classes near you.

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Help Line -
You’re never alone when you are a Family Tech Connect client. When you are an established client, you may call our helpline weekdays and speak to one of our tech coaches for real-time help with any problems you encounter. Please note, we will always do our best to have a person answer your call and assist you quickly. In some cases, depending on how busy our staff is, we may need you to leave a message for us to call back. We promise to help you promptly.

Contact Us

Would you like to know more? You are always welcome to email or call us, free of charge and with no obligation.


Call us at 330-708-2992. All emails and phone messages are answered within one business day.